Chinatown Memories

Tom Ming Chin

Sept 21, 2007

Hi, Dan, and All 'of youse guys'


To Dan, many "thank you"s for crafting the great and important history lesson and for bringing back vivid memories of our world in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Dan's fantastic writing brings back many fond memories of corduroy knickers,  May Poles, "kick-the-can," pink "spaldines," stoop and, stickball at "The Tombs," softball at "The Bridge," Shea's 2 cents plain and the new englands, mello rolls, bike rentals, and of course, the hanging lamps at the pool tables of 12 Mott and Doyers Sts; and more importantly gives hope to a greater positive political engagement for our future generations as they become more integrated into the American fabric. 


As an inclusion to the P.S. 23 experience, I seem to remember a Miss Hamberger in the 2nd grade who drilled us in arithmetic, and multiplication tables; and a Miss Keating comes to mind as well, but I no longer can pinpoint the grade she taught unless it was first or KG. I'm sure Diana Yee, Hank Kee or B. Lum Lee would recall and pinpoint those names for me.


Have you noticed that the mottled black covered/bound composition books have not changed over the years?


Tom Ming Chin