Memories of Chinatown
New York City, New York

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Tom Ming Chin - Memories - Sept 2007
Bruce Hall - Chinatown
Edmund Yee - Tea That Burns

Danny Lee -  Growing up in Chinatown - Reunion Notes
(Thank you, Danny, for these wonderful memories)

Although these essays are titled Reunion Notes, they are in reality a short history of New York Chinatown  in the 1940s - 1960s, its millieu and the kids that grew up there to become the parents and grandparents of today. This is an insider's view of the close-knit comm
unity that is the heart and essence of Chinatown.

Danny Lee - 2013 Preface to these notes
Chinatown Reunion 2002
Chinatown Reunion 2008 
Chinatown Reunion 2012
Chinese-American Achievements 2013

Comments on the book "Chinese America" by Dr. Peter Kwong,  and Uptown-Downtown Chinese disparity in general

Ken Ng  - The Audacity of Selfless Giving

A wonderful tale of courage and selflessness

Ken Ng - Preface 2013
The Audacity of Selfless Giving

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