Chinatown Memories

New York City, New York

True Light Church - a historical insight


Excerpt from Tea That Burns by Bruce Edward Hall, tells the story of the involvement of Miss Mary Banta, a staff at True Light, in the lives of the people.

"Miss Mary Banta…seemed to have attached herself firmly to any Protestant evangelical organization over the past forty-five years that will allow her to keep fussing over Chinatown’s children. When Cousin Sooki was in the second grade she even came, unannounced, to his classroom at P.S. 23 and dragged him down to the hospital to have his tonsils removed. She had decided on her own that they needed to be taken out."(5) Well, maybe we don’t have to be that heavy handed in our involvement. But the challenge remains for us in our time and place, to get involved and don’t be afraid.

(5) Hall, Bruce Edward. Tea That Burns. New York: The Free Press, 1998. pg 231