Sports Reunion Dinner 1988




Attached are pages from the program for the event, “SPORTS REUNION DINNER HONORING LUNG CHIN & TOMMY CHU”, which took place on September 23, 1988 and was attended by a good crowd.

The bio’s of the 2 honorees and Coach Lung’s speech covered not only sports history but also gave the audience a small glimpse of life in their era. In addition, the near forgotten names of some of the early Chinese Americans in Chinatown were mentioned.

Attached is a photo of the Midgets basketball team within which is a good portrait of Coach Lung along with others.

A picture of Manager Tommy appeared years ago throughout the NY subways in an ad, “You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s real Jewish Rye.”’t%20have%20to%20be%20Jewish%20%232.jpg

Coach Lung and Manager Tommy were deservedly honored for their contribution to much of the good life in sports that we enjoyed in Chinatown.

Sent in by Newton Chin, Oct 2014











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