School Days – 1943 Plus

Letter to Tom Ming Chin from Henry Kee, November 2013

I thought that in retirement there would be time to do all the things I have put onto the bucket list.
But it is all interrupt driven.While it is still “fresh” in my memory
Miss Langdon and Mrs Keating were the kindergarten teachers
Mrs Rosenberg was the first grade teacher
Miss Hamburg was the second grade teacher
Mrs Reardon was the third grade witch (sorry.. teacher)
I had accidentally broken her milk bottle vase and I was literally hung up to dry in the coat closet My father replaced it with a genuine Chinese vase and I was then treated like royalty
Miss Connelly was the fourth grade teacher
I was out of school for a month with a burst appendix. When I returned, you had transferred to another school
Mrs Gellis was the fifth grade teacher
and Mrs Brown nee Carbone was the sixth grade teacher
We visited Mrs Brown when she was 99 years old in 2000; I have to locate the photos I had taken of the visit.