PS 23, CLASS of 1943


Submitted by Newton Chin

Attached are 4 photos of the PS 23, Class of 1943, at Columbus Park. One is a photo of the whole class. Each of the other 3 is an enlarged portion of about 1/3 of the group and together will include everyone with some overlap.

In the 2 spreadsheets, arranged to match the orientation of the students in the photos, the columns are labeled 1- 12 and 13-24 respectively starting from the left. The rows are labeled 1 to 5 starting from the top. There are 5 rows and a maximum of 24 students (columns) across each row.

Total number of students-              122

Caucasians (probably all Italians)-  82

Chinese-                                             40


I entered the names of the Chinese students that I can recognize. Can anyone add or correct any names ?

Also, if anyone knows about the eventual profession of any of the students, please contribute that info.

​​So far, I remember the following:

  •    May Leong, MD-hematologist
  •    Newton Chin, MD-ophthalmologist
  •    Roy Chu-podiatrist
  •    Henry Louie-CPA at IRS
  •    Donald Chin-US Navy pilot