Four Seas Redux

More about the days of Four Seas

(added memories to Danny Lee’s “Four Seas” article thanks to Jane Ho)

Thanks for the memories. The description of the Four Seas milieu, as well as McBurney Y was right on target.  I remember curly headed Dick Lee, tall and gentlemanly.  There was another “personality” who figured into the Chinatown scene in general and the Four Seas Club and that was a tall youngish Irishman, whose last name was O’Hara.  He had a great affinity for the Chinese, a little unusual for those times.  He frequented the Four Seas Club with his sister.
The club had a piano, ping pong table, and held dances.
I remember names like Yukon Chang, who was one of the “older” crowd and editor of CAT and frequented  Lonnie’s Coffee Shop, across the side street from Transfiguration Church .  Lonnie’s was also almost adjacent to a basement restaurant, Wo Hop! Roast Pork Wonton, noodle soup and all the tea you could drink for fifty-five cents. Those places were lifesavers when you were a kid on a shoestring budget.
In addition to Snow Chin in the Drum and Bugle Corp, I remember Edna Wong, tall, long hair who marched as a majorette and twirled a baton.
Thanks for the memories . . . 
January 2015