Art Rothstein: Chinatown Memories

I was in the 3-year SPE program at JHS 22, which drew a lot of kids from Chinatown. My class graduated 9th grade in 1967, with several of the boys leaving after 8th grade to go to Brooklyn Tech. One of the Tech guys was Stephen Chow, who its 1970 Salutatorian. From there, he went to Harvard, then got a master’s in Physics from Harvard and a law degree from Columbia. He’s now a partner in a mid-sized law firm in Boston. By junior high, his family had moved from Chinatown to Gouverneur Gardens.


Ben Chu stayed at JHS 22 for 9th grade, and graduated as Valedictorian. He went to Stuyvesant and was Valedictorian there too. Then came Yale undergraduate and NYU Medical School. He also picked up an MPH from Columbia. For the last 8 years, he’s been President of Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California region, a giant HMO. Prior jobs include President of NYC’s Health and Hospitals Corporation. Ben’s family lived on Chrystie Street.


Art Rothstein

Septemer, 2013