This photo of the sixth grade class at P.S. 23 in Chinatown, NY  in 1956-7.

 Left Row Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Right Row
 Fee Soo Walk    Harry Moy  Mrs. Adele Brown  
 Andrew S  Harry Wong  Vivian (Dong) Seetoo  Anthony G  Donald D
 Kenneth KC Lou *  Lily (Ko) Thom  Wilson Tsang  Sing Chin  Anne Lee
 Diana Chung *  Valerie (Tom) Lee  Kimma Chu  Billy A  Ronnie John
 Bobby B   Sandra (Tom) Lee  Dickie Chu  Raymond Lau *  Maria P
 Meta (Chin) Shaw * Ruby (Moy) Chen George Chu  Gwendolyn Lee  Shirley (Moi) Eng

Thanks to Shirley A Eng for the photo and the names (3/2012) 

(*) = Deceased

Thanks to many others who provided corroborating information.