Lake Tiorati

Submitted by Newton Chin, 2017

During the summers in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, various groups of boys from Chinatown would spend about a week of camping at a Lake Tiorati cabin (similar to the one in the photo below) in the Bear Mountain area through the courtesy of the Church of All Nations.

We brought all our food supplies, (rice, bread, meats, bok choy, soy sauce, cereal, eggs, sometimes even live chickens, etc), and cooked our own meals, We swan, went boating, sang by the campfire and made friends with neighbors at the lake.

A group of Chinatown guys different from those pictured below was once visited at the camp by the NY State police because of complaints about strange late night noises-the sound of mah jong really traveled.

It was great fun for all.

Photo one:
Front row (L to R) Robert Tsang (restaurant owner), Douglas Ong (engineer), Lee Ngoot (artist)
Back row (L to R) Newton Chin (MD), Roy Chu (podiatrist), Herbert Wong (engineer), Bruce Chin (PhD professor), Gene Chu (attorney), Donald Seetoo (CPA)


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