Scout Troops

Scouting in Chinatown

Girl Scout Troop 3197
Boy Scout Troop 150
Chinatown, New York City, New York 

Museum of Chinese in the Americas 

Be Prepared: Scouting in New York Chinatown presents a selection of historic photographs from MoCA’s Chinatown Scouting collection. Many of the photographs from the photo exhibit, generously donated to the museum over the years by former Boy, Cub and Girl Scouts, date as far back as 1918 through the 1950s, and will be displayed for exhibition for the first time.

Boy Scout Troop 150 appears in many of the prints. Established as early as 1914 and officially chartered in 1917, Troop 150 is the oldest and remains to be the largest Boy Scout troop in Chinatown. On May 20, 2004, the Museum will honor Troop 150 and Troop 3197, the oldest Boy and Girl Scout troops in Manhattan Chinatown for their dedication and commitment to community youth at the 2004 MoCA Legacy Dinner.